This site contains information (in Dutch) about ‘Stichting Stedenband Veenendaal-Olomouc’, the town twinning cities Veenendaal (The Netherlands) and Olomouc (Czech Republic).

In 1993 the Veenendaal council decided to start twinning with Olomouc in the Czech Republic. Motivated by the believe that young/new democracies in Eastern Europe could use some help after the tumbling of the Iron Curtain. Exchange of knowledge, personal contacts and – if possible – economic cooperation were important principles. In 2013 the ‘Platform Stedenband’ was transformed into a foundation because of the stop of the municipal subsidy funds. Activities and exchanges were (and are) being continued by volunteers of ‘Stichting Stedenband Veenendaal-Olomouc and the town twinning and friendship between Veenendaal and Olomouc has remained.

Every year various exchanges take place between Olomouc and Veenendaal. For example students of the Dutch language from the Olomouc University do their internship in Veenendaal, the firefighters from both towns meet on a regular base; athletes from Veenendaal join the Half Marathon in Olomouc and triathletes from Olomouc participate in the ‘Triathlon Veenendaal’. Also several contacts and exchanges and exhibitions take place in the cultural field (artists and musicians) in both towns.

Are you interested in some form of exchanges and/or contacts in Olomouc, please do let us know via e-mail: info@veenendaal-olomouc.eu. (in English, German or Dutch language please)